About Us

                                                                      North East Magneto

Repairing magneto’s started for me way back in the late eighties when I worked for Lucas Industries. It was during the restructuring of Lucas and the downsizing of the branches I realised that once all the test equipment and the knowledge was gone it would leave a huge void in the market. Over the next 17 years I continued to repair magnetos for LSUK and managed to purchase a large selection of test equipment which was destined for the scrap yard.

After LSUK was put into administration for the final time in 2008 I seized the opportunity and launched North East Magneto. We have been blessed with steady growth which resulted in the building of a new purpose built work shop facility. This boasts a very well equipped workshop, a coil winding workshop, injection moulding room complete with injection moulding unit and reaction moulding unit. Our stores now boast a huge range of stock for most types of magnetos. We are also a Champion spark plug stockist with over 1000 plugs in stock.   As well as our own manufacturing workshop we have excellent trading relations with a select group of Far East companies. All our suppliers have an excellent track record for quality and delivery.

We have a huge customer base in the U.K, Eire and  have recently started conducting business in Europe. This has prompted us to commission the building of our web site which is a huge investment however it will be a fantastic tool for customers both here and abroad.